On a Sunday morning, sitting on the fence of the equestrian arena, we wondered why not all athletes wear a sportsbra. Research made us clear that the looks often are such a down grader, so ladies prefer to wear a good ‘normal’ bra instead of a sportsbra. Together with a top designer from Amsterdam, equestrian top sporters, and top level producers we started to develop sports underwear to sports lingerie. This development up to the first production has taken us over 3 years. After this first production we have stepped up the development, so season by season, we can trigger the market with even better and more fashionable Sports Lingerie!

Caroline Burema

Danique Janssen

Ilonka Kluytmans


The Idea to make good looking sports underwear existed in 2009. After 3 years of development, we lounced two models of sportsbra, 2 models of ladies panties, and one sports top in 2012. Shortly after the brand introduction we were elected as best sports underwear by the leading Equestrian magazine ‘De Hoefslag’.

In the years to follow we grew to 54 sales locations within the Benelux and several spread all over the EU. Next to that the sales in Australia took off well by our Australian distributor, who originates back from the roots of our company, the Netherlands.

In 2016 we have changed our name from Equi.Linn Sports Lingerie to Q-LINN, since the demand from outside the equestrian market exceeded the nice market roots from ‘Equi’ (horse in Latin).


Bring every sporter the best quality sports underwear with the looks of the most beautiful lingerie. We make sports underwear to become Sports Lingerie!


Q-LINN strives to make the most best Sports Lingerie by combining the newest innovations and techniques with the most beautiful designs. Let yourself shine, especially while sporting!


In order to grow worldwide, we are very interested in distributors, agents, brand promoters. Worldwide and in all sports!