Athens sportbra

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Product specifications

The Athens model has deep pre moulded cups with stepping and unique flexible wire with narrow wire shape.

This model is available in 2 colors. The Chique Violet Ice (invisible under white), and Anthracite with fuchsia stepping. It has a sexy yet sportive look due to the use of the stepping on the cup and the wide and comfortable shoulderstraps which can be turned from ‘normal straight’ to racerback with one twist of the fingers.

The cup shape is different from the Amsterdam model. This cup has a more narrow cup shape, especially suitable for the more narrow breast to body connection. The more deep round breast shape fits perfectly in this cup.

The unique combination of colors, good support, comfort and the looks makes this model the absolute ‘looking good sports bra!

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Color and sizing
The Athens model is available in the chique Violet Ice color. This color is invisible under even a thin white shirt. Furthermore this model is available in the sportive Anthracite with Fuchsia color combination.
This model is available in the sizing 70 to 90 (UK 32 – 40 and AUS 10 to 18) and with cup sizing B to D. Furthermore limited in the cup size 75A (34A, 12A as well). The Anthracite color is also available from sizing 65 (UK 30 and AUS 8) as well!
What’s unique about Q-LINN?

First of all the flexible wire. This wire is different from the common bra wire. It can bent, you even can tie a knot in the wire, but still, it always returns to its original shape, without being damaged. This enables you to sport, be active, without noticing you are wearing a wire bra. But still, it enables the breast to stay in shape, not like other sports bra’s, just compress the breast against the body, but really keep your feminine look alive!

Cups and adjustability

The stepping on the cup gives the Athens bra this unique ‘sports unlike’  look! It’s really different compared to most sports bra’s on the market, yet, it gives you sufficient support and comfort. And also a nice extra: it keeps your shapes intact with the use of the pre molded slightly push-up effect cups!

Many sports bras have limitations in adjustability, not the Q-LINN sports bra’s, these are well adjustable.

The wide and comfortable elastic under band has a 3×3 closing for extra comfort and support and adjustability. The shoulder straps are much wider compared to normal sports bra’s, more padded, and can be changed from ‘normal’ straight position (during the day), to racerback with one twist of the fingers. Of course well adjustable as well.

It’s very important to have a strong and supportive bra which is well adjustable, only with the exact fitting and support your bra can give you the needed support!

Only the best fabrics!

Q-LINN only uses the best fabrics which maintain the support for many washings, and which stay well for a long time! Of course only ‘sportive’ fabrics. Sweat transportation and breathable.

Since these fabrics are so high end yet delicate, every sports bra is delivered in a luxurious gift package with free washing bag and instruction sheet. Please do use the washing bag for every time you wash the bra.


Q-LINN is constantly improving its products by combing the newest available fabrics, techniques and innovations. We hope you can see, Q-LINN is not like any other sports bra!

All product specifications

Dimensions including packaging:
36 x 19 x 8.5 cm

Product specifications:
Flexible wire, padded and well adjustable shoulder straps, moulded cups, stepping on the cup, satin cup lining, mesh wings, chique, yet sportive

Suitable for Medium impact sports, up to cup D.

All seasons

Narrow wire shape, well suitable for the more up front / round  breast shape.

Also available as the try on at home / fitting set.

Support, comfort, looking good!

Shoulderstraps possible to racerback closing.

Extra information:
Packed in the luxurious gift box washing bag and instruction letter.

Polyester, elasthan, nylon.