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139,95 Incl. BTW

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Product description

Shop far away? Need some privacy? Do you also experience the difficulties of purchasing the right bra online?

We have the right solution for you! The try at home fitting set, without downpayment!

Every brand and sports bra model is slightly different. Some will fit you like a second skin and some just won’t seem to fit well. Next to that various research has shown that about 70% is wearing the wrong sized bra!

For a sports bra, the exact fitting is even more important, since without the right fitting, it can just not support you, or feel comfortable.

Therefore Q-LINN is one of the first brands that gives you the opportunity to try 5 bra’s by only paying for 2 bra’s trough the sports bra try at home fitting set!

How does it work?

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With 14 days to try up to 5 bras, you have the flexibility and freedom to find the bra you deserve in a way that fits the time you have – now even without a deposit, since you can obt for the afterpay function!

Take your time to try your bras in the comfort of your own home, then only pay for the bras you keep. Your € 139,95 deposit allows you to two keep two bras, though of course you’re welcome to purchase the additional items you’ve tried on! If you keep only one, or return all, the balance payment will be refunded. If you keep two, even we will cover for the shipping charges!

Some of your choices not the right fit for you? No problem! Simply send back any you don’t wish to keep with their tags still attached using our supplied return post label, and you will be refunded any unused portion of your downpayment

You deserve the confidence of a gorgeous, supportive bra for your next workout – why not spoil yourself with some Q-Linn?

How does it work?

Step 1: Select the fitting set and choose the model, color and size you expect to have.

Step 2: Proceed to checking out.
Step 3: Choose the payment method, fill in your address etc.

Step 4: We will send you the fitting set within a day

Step 5: You can try on the bra’s, jump around, etc. Please return the items which you don’t want to keep, with the file noted, in the shipment box complete with hand tags within 14 days. The shipping label is already in the box to make it as convenient as possible for you!

Step 6: We will return the balance, or credit the after pay, as soon as we have received the returned goods. If you have more to order, please contact, so we can give you a promotional code.

** Try at home is only available for our bras. Undies cannot be returned.

All product specifications

Afmetingen inclusief verpakking
40 x 21 x 21 cm (lxbxh)

Flexibele beugels, gevoerde en breed verstelbare schouderbandjes ook mogelijk in racerback, unieke uitstraling

Type sport
Geschikt voor meerdere sporten
Alle seizoenen
Per model verschillend

Per model verschillend: Extreme -/ of medium ondersteuning
Haaksluiting | Achterkantsluiting

Overige informatie
In de doos
Luxe geschenkverpakking met sportbeha, instructiebrief, waszak