Q-LINN hipster

23,95 Incl. BTW

Product specifications

The Hipster by Q-LINN feels like a second skin. No stitching, no seams!

The Hipster is available in the Violet ice color which is invisible even under a thin white breech or legging.

The sportive fabrics used by Q-LINN makes sure the sweat is transported well, so your skin stays dry. Furthermore there is no stitching on the crotch and between the legs, that makes sure that saddle soreness becomes history to you!

The connection points are not stitched, but connected by a special point glue technique, and moved from where the connection is normally (in the crotch), to the sides. At the inside of the legs there is a more roughened fabric, which enables the undies to stay in place well, so they won’t go where they shouldn’t go.

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Color and sizing
The Violet Ice color fits almost every color and doesn’t see trough. Because there is no stitching, the ugly undies line in the tight clothing is history!

The Hipster is available from size XS to XL.

Unique features Q-LINN slips:

  • Specially designed against saddle soreness
  • Invisible under thin and white clothing
  • Seamless crotch
  • No stitching which can irritate
  • Special breathable and sweat transporting fabrics
All product specifications

Sizing packaging:
15 x 8 x 4 cm

Against saddle soreness, seamless, invisible, breathable

Thong, hipster, ladies boxer

Type sports:
Suitable for all sports

All season

Polyester, Nylon, Spandex